jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013

Suuuuper goooood viiiiibezzzzzzzzzzzzz


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Pio pio dijo...

Joder, me tengo que afiliar al pajarito ese ....

track list dijo...

0h00'00" (JE) Alex - I Gotta Feel Something
0h07'25" (JE) Daniel Bechet - Astral Dance
0h11'48" (JE) Irene Kral - Wheelers And Dealers
0h14'25" (RG) Gimmicks - Visst Är Du Kär
0h17'13" (RG) Bar-Kays - Angel Eyes
0h20'00" (RG) Keni Burke - Keep On Singing
0h24'32" (JE) Keep digging! :)
0h27'33" (JE) Sonya Spence - Let Love Flow On
0h31'13" (JE) Monika Linges Quartett - Running
0h34'16" (JE) Esther Satterfield - Love Music
0h36'38" (RG) Michael Orr And The Book Of Life - Spread Love
0h40'23" (RG) Teodo'r - Love Message
0h46'12" (RG) Starvue - Love Affair
0h53'18" (JE) Chocolate Milk - With All Our Love
0h57'46" (FP) Arabi - Times Three
1h01'23" (FP) Brutal Force - Dreams For Sale
1h05'10" (JE) Lalo Schifrin - Middle Of The Night
1h09'10" (JE) The Live Band - A Chance For Hope
1h14'50" (JE) Stylus - Natural Feeling
1h19'13" (FP) Michael Orr, Carey Harris - Here I Go (Through These Changes Again)
1h22'23" (FP) Womack & Womack - MPB (Missin' Person Bureau) (Paradise Ballroom Mix)
1h31'19" (FP) Tomorrow's People - Open Soul
1h44'39" (RG) Visions Of Tomorrow - Galaxy
1h48'03" (RG) Marta Acuna - Dance, Dance, Dance (Disco Version)
1h52'12" (RG) Betty Padgett - Sugar Daddy
1h55'36" (JE) The Chris Rhodes Band - Gotta New Lease On Love
1h59'19" (JE) Leila Pinheiro - Tudo Em Cima
2h02'15" (JE) Little River Band - Curiosity (Killed The Cat)
2h05'55" (JE) Lucy Stone - Giving Love Instead Of Gold
2h09'34" (FP) Leroy Hutson - I Think I'm Falling In Love
2h13'26" (FP) Keep digging! :)
2h17'38" (FP) Pure Funk - Nothing Left Is Real
2h20'37" (RG) Keep digging! :)
2h23'30" (RG) Le Cop - Law Order & Peace
2h26'16" (RG) Keep digging! :)
2h29'50" (JE) William Bostic - What You Do To Me
2h32'58" (JE) Rare Function - Disco Function
2h37'17" (JE) Deep Heat - Do It Again
2h40'36" (JE) Tasha Thomas - Stay With Me (Disco)
2h46'54" (JE) Martin L. Dumas Jr. - Attitude, Belief & Determination
2h56'36" (FP) Gloria Ann Taylor - Love Is A Hurting Thing
3h03'58" (FP) Carl Hall - What About You
3h06'56" (FP) Cindy Rodriguez - What You Need Is My Love
3h14'34" (RG) Billy Cole - Bump All Night
3h18'15" (JE) Greg Henderson - Dreamin
3h25'24" (FP) Taxie - Rock Don't Stop
3h28'36" (RG) Aged In Harmony - You're A Melody
3h32'59" (JE) Captain Sky - Moonchild
3h39'29" (FP) Solid Gold Revue - Love's Traffic
3h43'20" (RG) Mayors Committee - Take Off Your Shoes

Atracción fatal dijo...

¡Qué atracón de tracks!